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(If you have a location, please proceed to Step 2)

After you've signed up with a new eHungry account, the first step to setting up your online ordering site is to create a location. You can press the button below for additional help, if needed.

There is a chance you have already created your location or we created it when we helped to input your menu and account settings. If so, then please move forward.


Once you have created a location it is time to set it up. In your Online Ordering Console, you can set up your restaurant locations by selecting "Restaurant Manager" from the top main menu, and then selecting "Restaurant Locations" under the "RESTAURANT SETTINGS" heading, as shown below.


If you need to change or update any basic information about your location click Change This next to your Current Contact Info for this Location. This is the information that will show under "How to Contact Us" on the right side of your online ordering website.

Here you can edit your basic information for the selected location. An email is actually required here, but it won't show to the public. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes when you are done!

Set Time Zone and Tax Rate

To set your Time Zone and Tax Rate click Change This next to you Current Time Zone and Tax Rate for this Location.

In the image below, you can find and select your time zone from the drop down

You may notice two spaces for sales tax, you only need to fill in one but depending where you are located it may be helpful to separate out State/Province and City rates

Be sure to click Save Changes when you are done!


The rest of the settings are under Edit/View Additional Details for this Location. 

Location Settings and Payment Settings

Above, you will see the Location Name, you can use the same name as your restaurant or if needed provide additional detail. When you have 2 Locations, you will want to add additional detail.

For example: You may have 2 locations, and they are in different cities. Therefore, you might want to use the following Location Names.

1st Location Name: Classic Pizza - Orlando

2nd Location Name: Classic Pizza - Tampa

The URL tag will auto-populate, there is no need to change this unless you need to.

In the image above, under URL tag, it says "Change the text of the order button on the Location & Hours tab...", the default button text is "Order from this location", for this just leave the field blank. If you want a change, you could input something like "Order from our Orlando Location" (or whatever fits your location name).

The next area is Cuisine type. This is a required field and the information you add will populate in the tagline at the bottom of every page of your online ordering site. The information changes according to the page, but the Cuisine type keywords will always be what is entered in this box. Please see the tagline image example shown on the online ordering page below:


Your customers need to know all the ways they can order, plus you don't want a customer to be able to select delivery, if you don't deliver.

In the image below, you can see "Online Ordering is available for:". Our basic order types are Pick-up, Dine-in and Delivery. We now also offer "Custom Order Types" that you can create and name whatever you need. Some examples include: Curbside Pickup, Drive-Thru Window, Delivery within Building or anything that you need.

You must offer at least one Order Type in order for customers to be able to place an order.

Also in the image above, you can choose to completely deactivate your online ordering, which will also hide your menu. If you would like for your menu to still be displayed, you can select "Online Ordering is disabled for the public". These are manual settings you can use to disable your ordering on a temporary basis or for an extended period of time.

If you would like to be notified immediately when an order comes in (even if it is for a future time or date) select yes, as seen below. If you want to receive your orders according to the Prep Time/Order Times, then leave this unchecked. (Please Note: Most clients DO check this box so they can receive an order as soon as it is submitted by the customer.)

Below, you can select yes if you would like customers to be prompted with the option to add a tip when they are checking out online.

Usually, customers choose which menu they want to look at, even if that menu is not available at that time. If you select yes for the area in red below, the system will automatically select the appropriate menu for the time of day. The system would select the "Menu Time" (ie: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) according to the availability set for each menu time.

By default, customers can mix and match menu items from any menus available at the time they are ordering for. If you want to limit customers to create orders from only one menu, select yes for the option below.

Ex: Customers who add items to their cart from the breakfast menu could NOT also add items from the lunch menu, even if both are available at the same time.

Payment Settings

Here you select which payment settings you would like to accept, and under which circumstances! Once you select your first option, more specifics appear.

If you select Pay at Pickup/Delivery you can then select cash and/or checks as a payment option. If you also select any of the available credit card types, the system will list those as available options for Pay at Pickup/Delivery. (You will be given the option to NOT accept credit card payments at Delivery, on location.)

If you would like to accept credit cards online, you would select the option below. If you DO NOT want a customer to enter their credit card info into the system, please do not check "Pay Online by Credit Card". You should only check this option if you will offer Real-Time online credit card processing or if you would like to manually process the credit card on your in-store terminal. (eHungry does not automatically have a payment processor setup for your account. If you don't set one up, then you would need to manually process the credit card to receive payment.)

You can also offer customers the option to pay by a house account, as seen below. This does require a special manual setup, please view the article "How to Setup a House Account".

Custom Payment Type Setup

If you offer a payment type not already covered, click Add A Custom Payment Type to set it up.

Here you can enter a display name for your custom payment type.

Select this box if you would like to prompt the customer to enter a credit card or account number

Select this box if you would like to make the credit card or account number a mandatory field

Finally you can select which order types you would like this custom payment type available for! Be sure to click Save This Information when you are done. 

Returning to where we were on the previous page...
Here you can select which types of credit cards you want to accept.

You can also opt to add an additional fee for orders payed for with a credit card. Either a percentage or a flat rate will do! You can also always leave it blank if you don't want to have an additional fee. 

Select the box below if you do not accept credit cards at the time of delivery. If selected above, customers will still be able to pay for delivery orders before hand with a credit card, just not at the door.

And finally, here are a few additional options available. If you are manually processing credit cards it may be necessary to get the CVV for the credit cards from your customers. If that is the case, select this box. 

A zip code is always required to credit cards, but you can also select this box to require a full address


Here you can set your hours for each day including multiple sets per day and different hours for Delivery vs Dine-In/Pickup.

Setting Hours

Here you can set your available hours for each day. If you are closed certain days simply click the closed box next to those days. 

Note: If you have similar hours most days you can enter the hours in the Monday slot and click Copy to all Days for faster entry!

Be sure to click Save This Information when you are done!

Multiple Sets of Hours Per Day

Click the box next to There are 2 sets of hours for each day and a second set of boxes will appear for you to enter your hours into. This is useful if you are closed for a few hours in the middle of the day. 

Click Save This Information when you are done!

Different Hours for Dine-In/Pick-Up and Delivery

Click the box next to Delivery Hours are different that Dine-In/Pick-Up Hours. This will open a new set of hours so you can enter different hours that you are available for delivery vs. people coming to your location for pick-up or to dine-in. 

Click Save This Information when you are done!

Multiple Hours for Different Sets

Note that you can have both! If you check both boxes you can have two sets of hours for both the Delivery and the Dine-In/Pick-Up options.

Add Text Below Hours 

You can enter text and a URL to appear below where your hours are listed.

Orders & Notifications 

Here you can choose how you are notified when orders come in.

Order Times

 Also known as "Order Prep Times" or "Prep Times"

Here you can enter the time required for you to prepare orders and settings related to orders placed in advance.

First you can set the prep time for orders based off the total cost of the order placed for both Pick-Up/Dine-In and Delivery. You have the option to enter an amount for every chosen increment of cost, OR to have a price for orders under a certain cost and another time calculation for orders over that amount. All fields can be left blank if you don't want a prep time. (We do suggest that you DO include a prep time, so as not to confuse customers)

Example of Prep Time Formula:
Require 20 minutes for orders under $50.00 dollars, and 30 minutes for all others

Checking the box below will make sure all prep times would be completed during hours when you are open. So customers couldn't order food to be ready as soon as you open, but rather after you open plus the prep time you entered above. 

(Please Note: If you are using a prep time of 6 hours or more, you will want to make sure this box is UNCHECKED or problems will occur at checkout)

By default orders will not go through if the prep time would take the order past the time you close. Check this box to allow orders to be placed right up until closing time, even if this means an order could be ready after you are technically closed.

Below you can choose to allow ONLY ASAP ("As Soon as Possible") orders, so no orders can be placed for future dates or times.

You can enter the maximum number of days in advance that a customer can order for. 

You can also set it to not show a time for ASAP orders. The time of advance orders will still be shown because this feature only applies to ASAP orders.

Below you can set the prep times for group orders

Here you can choose to attach a warning to orders that are for a future date/time so it is more clear without having to inspect the date on each order that comes in. Enter a value for how many minutes away from the current time you would like to mark as advance. 

Be sure to click Save This Information when you are done!

Delivery & Minimums 

Here you can set the minimum for orders, processing fees, delivery charges, and delivery areas.

Below you can enter the minimum that must be spent to qualify for different types of orders

Note: You can also configure different minimums for different delivery distances, determined by Zip codes or miles/kilometers. 

You can also include a per-order processing fee if you desire. Here you can set the percent or dollar amount, name of the fee, when the fee applies, and if it is taxable

In a similar way to the above you can set up a Delivery Charge. You can select a flat amount in dollars or as a percentage, or set it for different zip codes, distances, and order amounts. Choose a custom name (optional), whether to include the delivery charge in taxes, and a minimum dollar amount if you are using percentages to determine the fee.  (Note: If you configure the Delivery Charge using one of the specific links for Zip, distance or amount - then be sure to leave the Delivery Charge as $0.00 and the system will use the specific option you set up)

Note: Below you can also opt to use the driving distance to determine the delivery radius instead of the default "as the crow flies" method.

Here you can set up your Delivery Zone, either by zip codes, miles radius, or drawing your own custom/irregularly shaped zone. 

Be sure to click Save This Information when you are done!

After saving the info above, if you want to draw your own zone, click Create/Edit custom delivery zones to begin. 

Here you can begin drawing your delivery zone. 

Move around the map of your area using the small hand icon. The map will automatically show your location near the center.

To start, select the irregular shape icon near the top to the right of the hand icon. Simply click where you would like to begin your zone and a point will be marked on the map. Click again to drop another point and a line will appear between them, as seen below.

Continue dropping points until you have the shape of zone you desire. When you are done, the area will be filled with color. 

Note: You can make multiple zones if desired.

At the top of the page you will now see your zone listed. Here you can name the zone, set the delivery rate, choose a color for the zone, or remove the zone if you would like to start again. 

Be sure to click Save Delivery Zones when you are done!
(If you leave the page without saving, the zone will be lost)

Additional Settings 

Here you can upload a PDF of your menu, image of your delivery area, and set custom messages to be displayed during and after ordering.

Here you can get the code to add a button linking to this location.

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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