To Edit or Change your Global Delivery Settings, proceed to the following area in your Online Ordering Console. Select "Restaurant Manager" from the main menu in the top black bar, and then select "Restaurant Locations" under the "RESTAURANT SETTINGS" heading.

Select Edit/View Additional Details for this Location. 

Delivery & Minimums (Settings Tab)

Across the top of the next page, select the Delivery & Minimums tab.
Here you can set the minimum for orders, processing fees, delivery charges, and delivery areas.

Below you can enter the minimum that must be spent to qualify for different types of orders

Note: You can also configure different minimums for different delivery distances, determined by Zip codes or miles/kilometers. 

You can also include a per-order processing fee if you desire. Here you can set the percent or dollar amount, name of the fee, when the fee applies, and if it is taxable

Setting up your Delivery Charges

You can select a flat amount in dollars or as a percentage, or set it for different zip codes, distances, and order amounts. Choose a custom name (optional), whether to include the delivery charge in taxes, and a minimum dollar amount if you are using percentages to determine the fee.  (Note: If you configure the Delivery Charge using one of the specific links for Zip, distance or amount - then be sure to leave the Delivery Charge as $0.00 and the system will use the specific option you set up)

Note: Below you can also opt to use the driving distance to determine the delivery radius instead of the default "as the crow flies" method.

Here you can set up your Delivery Zone, either by zip codes, miles radius, or drawing your own custom/irregularly shaped zone. 

Be sure to click Save This Information when you are done!

Creating a Custom Drawn Delivery Zone

After saving the info above, if you want to draw your own zone, click Create/Edit custom delivery zones to begin. 

Here you can begin drawing your delivery zone. 

Move around the map of your area using the small hand icon. The map will automatically show your location near the center.

To start, select the irregular shape icon near the top to the right of the hand icon. Simply click where you would like to begin your zone and a point will be marked on the map. Click again to drop another point and a line will appear between them, as seen below.

Continue dropping points until you have the shape of zone you desire. When you are done, the area will be filled with color. 

Note: You can make multiple zones if desired.

At the top of the page you will now see your zone listed. Here you can name the zone, set the delivery rate, choose a color for the zone, or remove the zone if you would like to start again. 

Be sure to click Save Delivery Zones when you are done!
(If you leave the page without saving, the zone will be lost)

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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