We have created our own Order Monitor Software that you will need to download to a Windows computer with an OS of 7 or higher. The printer you use will need to be able to print from that computer with either a wired or wireless connection. (The software will NOT work on a tablet, a Windows Tablet or other operating system)

The good news is that it works with almost any kind of printer from a regular inkjet or laser to a thermal receipt printer.


  1.  You can try out the software on your computer by downloading it here: 

(If you can't click the link, please copy & paste into your internet browser)

2. Install the "om_401_latest" file, then open the software and log into it with your normal eHungry Username and Password and select the appropriate printer location, as described below.

3. To select a printer: go to the Edit menu at the top, click Preferences and just run through those settings  (e.g., pick what printer you want the orders to go to).


4. If you are using a Thermal Kitchen printer or receipt printer, please be sure to UNCHECK the box that says Print HTML and look at the settings on the right side of the preferences.

5. Last but not least, let's activate the option:

  • Login to your eHungry Account Manager

  • Click Restaurant Manager in the top black bar

  • Click Restaurant Locations

  • Find Currently Receives Orders by: Click [change this]

  • Scroll down to the link that says "I want to have the order auto-print using the order monitor software" & make sure to choose this box and save to complete the setup process.

6. Then keep the software open and running on your computer and anytime a new order comes in, it'll automatically print out to your printer(s).

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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