1. Under the Restaurant Manager tab, click Website Template Design.

2. Scroll down to the Logo box, and note the options available to you.  The default setting is Show Logo Box.  

3. Click on button Choose File and upload your logo.  Logos can be up to 300 px wide by x 88 px tall, but it may be smaller.  Any images larger than that will be resized to fit those dimensions.  When uploading a logo, leave the Page Title blank, and don't forget to click the Save Logo Box Settings button.  

4. The logo box can also be completely turned off (e.g. if you have your restaurant name in the header background.) To hide the logo box, simply click on Hide Logo Box.

5. To just use your restaurant name in text, enter it in the Page Title field and do not upload a logo.  Remember to click the green Save Logo Box Settings button. 

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