Account Billing Information

For account billing, you will need to have a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover) on file in your account billing area. The system will automatically charge your card the 1.9% per order fee the day your bill is due. We charge the percentage based on the previous month's sales (past 30 days).

Your account free trial is for 30 days from the time your account is created. So, if you create your account on 8/15/20, then you will not be billed any order fees until 9/15/20. This would be your billing start date. The first bill charged to your card would then be on 10/15/20 for the order fee of the previous 30 days, example: 9/15/20 to 10/14/20. Also note: Orders are billed according to the date they are created in the system, not the date they are Due.

To Add or Update your Billing Information

  1. After you Login to your Account Manager, the system will take you to your Dashboard (seen in the image below).

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and locate Basic Account Details and Billing section, then Click on Billing

3. Enter your new credit card information, and click Save this Information.

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