Adding a Facebook CTA (Call-To-Action) button to your Facebook Page is a great way to drive customers to your eHungry Welcome Page.  By creating a Facebook CTA, this provides customers a easy way to link to your online ordering page.  

Step- By- Step Instructions

 1.  Navigate to your restaurant's Facebook Page.
2.  Click on the blue Add a Button underneath the cover photo.

3.  In Step 1 of the Add a Button to Your Page pop-up, expand the Shop with you section, select the Shop Now button, and click Next.  

We suggest you use the "Shop Now" button, because your customers will most likely understand that means you offer Online Ordering.

4.  In Step 2, select the Website Link option, type in the URL to your Ehungry Welcome Page, and click Save.

5.  Click on the blue Finish button.

6.  Now it's time to test your new button.  Hover over the Shop Now button, and click Test Button.  

7.  You should now be directed to your ehungry Welcome Page.

If you would like to add your eHungry URL to the Website section of your restaurant's Facebook page, we have a support article to help you with that too!

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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