Your store hours, as well as your delivery hours, can be set by logging into your account then selecting Restaurant Manager from the main menu. From here select Restaurant Locations under the RESTAURANT SETTINGS heading. 

Next click Edit/View Additional Details for this Location button. 

Then the Hours tab.

Here you can set your global hours for each day including multiple sets per day and different hours for Delivery vs Dine-In/Pickup.

Setting Hours

Here you can set your available hours for each day. If you are closed certain days simply click the closed box next to those days. 

Note: If you have similar hours most days you can enter the hours in the Monday slot and click Copy to all Days for faster entry!

Be sure to click Save This Information when you are done!

Multiple Sets of Hours Per Day

You can set up Split Hours by clicking the box next to There are 2 sets of hours for each day and a second set of boxes will appear for you to enter your hours into. This is useful if you are closed for a few hours in the middle of the day, so you can have separate hours for Lunch & Dinner. 

Note that you can also have a mix of days that are split and not! Simply enter one set of hours, and leave the other side blank for the desired days. 

On the customer side it will show both sets for the days with split hours and will show only one for the day that is a single block of time. 

Click Save This Information when you are done!

Different Hours for Dine-In/Pick-Up and Delivery

Click the box next to Delivery Hours are different that Dine-In/Pick-Up Hours. This will open a new set of hours so you can enter different hours that you are available for delivery vs. people coming to your location for pick-up or to dine-in. 

Click Save This Information when you are done!

Multiple Hours for Different Sets

Note that you can have both! If you check both boxes you can have two sets of hours for both the Delivery and the Dine-In/Pick-Up options.

Add Text Below Hours 

You can enter text and a URL to appear below where your hours are listed.

Menu Hours are another option if you have specific menus that are only available for a portion of the day that you are open, such as a Breakfast Menu only available before noon. 

Under the Restaurant Manager tab select Menus under the MENU SETTINGS heading.

Here you can either edit an existing menu by clicking the pencil and paper icon or create a new one by clicking Add New Menu.

Scroll down to Availability. Here you can choose Basic or Advance Availability

Basic Availability gives you the option to set one set of hours for the selected menu. 

Advanced Availability lets you select different hours for each day and to make the menu unavailable certain days of the week.

Be sure to save when you are done!

Please note that menu hours should not be used as your main hours! If the menu is always available, make sure to check that Always Available box AND set the time to be exactly the same for start and end (such as 1:00 am - 1:00 am).

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