eHungry can provide you with a Google Play (Android) App and an Apple IOS App, which we will develop at no additional charge from us. Due to the nature of our business and the fact that we designed a universal online ordering system, our Apps are developed from a template that was designed by our Development Team. The Apps directly link to your online ordering account and any changes you make to your account (menu, etc) are automatically seen in the App.

Branding and App Icon:

Your eHungry Apps will be specifically branded to your restaurant and will have your logo on the App Icon. The App will be for your restaurant account only, there will not be a search to view other restaurants.

For the App Icon, please provide us with a high resolution file or your logo or symbol of your choice. If you have the transparent designer files or files you use for printed materials, those would be ideal, but we will try our best to work with what you have. We can open any file type that you provide. File Examples include: .png, .jpg, .ai (please provide special font files), .pdf. We can create your App Icon for you or you can provide your own with the specifications below. If you don't have a logo, then we can use a related food icon symbol and/or type your restaurant name to create an App Icon for you. App Icon Specifications: It must be a square with a minimum of 1024 pixels X 1024 pixels and a solid color background (transparent is not allowed). The ideal size would be 2048 pixels X 2048 pixels, if the logo file is large enough.

Google Play Android App Information:

Google Play Apps will be developed at no additional charge and we are able to submit those into our own Google Play developer account for you. There are no additional costs involved. If you ONLY want a Google Play App:

  1. Please send an official request to asking for the Google Play App
  2. Also, provide us with a high resolution logo file, as specified in the above branding and icon area.

Note: Please read the Apple App information below before making a final decision. If you choose to do both, you will need to wait until your Apple account is ready before we can develop either App.

Apple IOS App Information:

Apple Apps will also be developed at no additional charge, but due to Apple Policies and guidelines, Apple requires our clients to have their own Apple Developer Account (as an Organization). Apple charges $99 per year, which you will pay directly to Apple.
If you would like more detailed information, please see our support article "Why do I need my own Apple Developer Account?"


Read the basic App Information provided above and decide if you would like to have the Apple AND Google Play App OR if you only want the Google Play App. If you would like both, proceed to Step 2. If you would only like the Google Play App, please email your Restaurant Account Manager or to let us know.


Since you have decided you would like both Apps, you will want to go ahead and click the button below to Sign up for your Apple Developer Account.

Follow the steps provided in the above article and you will be closer to having your own fully branded restaurant ordering Apps!

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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