The prep time settings allows you to enter the time required to prepare orders and settings related to orders placed in advance.

Prep Times

Login to your eHungry account manager and click on Restaurant Manager tab in the top black bar.

Click on Restaurant Locations followed by the green button Edit/View Addition Details for this Location.

On the General Settings & Payment page, click on the Prep Times tab.

On this page you can enter the time required for you to prepare orders based off the total cost of the order placed for both Pick-Up/Dine-In and Delivery. You have the option to enter an amount for every chosen increment of cost (example 1), OR to have a price for orders under a certain cost and another time calculation for orders over that amount (example 2). All fields can be left blank if you don’t want a prep time, but we suggest that you DO include prep time to avoid confusing customers.

In the first example below, the Prep Time Formula for PICK-UP OR DINE-IN is “Require 20 minutes for every $50 dollars.”

Example 1

In the second example, the Prep Time Formula for PICK-UP OR DINE-IN is “Require 20 minutes for orders under $50.00 dollars, and 30 minutes for all others." 

Example 2

Checking the box in the section below, will make sure all prep times would be completed during hours when you are open. This prevents customers from ordering food to be ready as soon as you open, but rather after you open plus the prep time you entered above.

(Please note: If you are using a prep time of 6 hours or more, you will want to make sure this box is UNCHECKED or problems will occur at checkout.) 

By default, orders will not go through if the prep time would take the order past the time you close.  In the next section checking the box Yes if checked will allow customers to place orders right up until closing time, even if his means an order could be ready after you are technically closed. 

For example, if you close at 10 pm with a 45-minute prep time for an order, enabling this option will allow a customer to place an order at 9:55 pm which will be ready at 10:40 pm.

You can also set the amount of time required for a GROUP order to be prepared. In the example below, the system is going to “Require 60 minutes for DELIVERY orders," and “Require 30 minutes for PICK-UP and DINE-IN orders.”

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