To get started, you will need your Square Account Username and Password.

(Please Note: eHungry clients are responsible for setting up and managing their own e-commerce credit card processing accounts. Fees associated with your account will be paid to the processing company, not eHungry.)

Next, Login to your eHungry Account Admin.

  1. Under your Restaurant Manager tab, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. In the More Settings category click on Payment Processors.

3. Under Credit Card Processor select your processor from the drop down list.

4. Select Square from the drop down box and press the button "Click here to                connect your Square account"

5. Select the Sign In button and you will be redirected to Square where you may be   prompted to grant eHungry permission to access your account for integration,           and then you're redirected back to our site. (You may simply need to Sign In                and then you will be automatically redirected back to our site, with the image                 seen below)

6. Next select a square location, as seen below, then be sure to click the button           "Save This Information"

7. If you are in Canada and will be taking payment as CAD, please be sure to go to       the Currency Setting box directly below the Credit Card Processor box and                 select the drop down for CAD (Canada). Click the green button for "Save This             Information". The default for this box will always be USD.

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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