Advanced Prep Times can be used to change your Prep Time for specific days of the week or hours of the day, as well as for single calendar dates

This can be useful if you have certain times of day when it will take longer to prepare food or dates when you know you will have longer wait times for customers!

Login to your eHungry account manager and click on Restaurant Manager tab in the top black bar, then under Restaurant Settings click Restaurant Locations.

Click the green button Edit/View Addition Details for this Location.

Select the Prep Times tab.

From here scroll down to the Change Prep Times During Set Times section. Here you can begin by entering the number of minutes you want to adjust your global prep times by. Note: Use a positive number to increase the time, or a negative number to decrease the time. 

Under Applicable Order Type you can select if you want the modification to prep time to apply to All orders or Only Pick Up/Dine In or Only Delivery

The next section is the Type.

Days/Hours of the Week

Here you can select the Hours and Days that the Prep Time modification applies to. If you leave the Time Period set to the same start and end time, it will apply all day. Simply check the box next to the days you wish the modification to apply to! 

Don't forget to save!

Specific Date & Time

Here you can set the modified Prep Time for a specific calendar date. Select the date and hours you wish to apply the Prep Time to. Click the All Day box to apply the Prep Time to the entire day.

Don't forget to save!


Here you can set a Countdown to the update of Prep Times. Enter in the countdown timer box the number of minutes until you want your prep time change to take effect.

Don't forget to save!

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