Using advanced item availability you can limit the days and times customers can order specific items.

Item availability can be limited to:

-Specific days of the week.

-Specific times of the day.

-A range of dates. (ex: May 10th - 20th)

-Or a combination of any of the above!

Please Note: You want to set the Availability according to when the item should be shown on the menu and when customers are able to order that item. The item(s) will be hidden at all other times and they cannot be ordered. Customers are NOT able to order hidden items in advance. They can only order them when they are shown.

In your Online Ordering Console, select Restaurant Manager from the main menu, and then selecting Menu Items under the MENU SETTINGS heading.

To set Availability for an Individual Item click the checkmark next to the item.

To set Availability for an Entire Category click Change for all and select Availability.

Note: If you set the availability for an entire Category you won’t be able to see the availability of those items in the category section. You will need to look at the individual item’s availability to view it there.

Below you can see the Item Availability page where you can specify which days/times you want your items to be available!

If you check only the box next to the day of the week, it will be available each week for your regular hours on that day. It will only show on the day(s) selected and will disappear completely on all other days & times.

If you also select Set Time you can limit the availability to only a portion of your usual open hours. The example below would be available all day Wednesday but only for breakfast on Monday. These kinds of settings are great for Lunch Specials!

If you want the item to only be available for a set range of dates, such as holiday specials that are only available for a few days or weeks, then you can use the lower section to set a start and end date.

The item below would show from 12/1/20 at 5:00 AM through 12/20/20 at 11:00 PM and a customer could only order that item during those times AND for Pickup/Delivery during those times, as well.

A great use for the date/time range section, as seen above, is to use it for "Daily Specials" that change from day to day and month to month, etc. Let's say you have a different Daily Special for each different day of the month, if you know what those specials are, you could create them in the system and then set the Advanced Availablity of the item to show only on 1 specific day.

Example: The Daily Special for June 29th, 2020 would have the following settings below:

Always be sure to click "Save Changes"

Note: If you only need the "Only on these weekdays:" upper section, please make sure to leave the lower section as it defaults (like below). The From/Until needs to be the same Month Day and the end year for the Until date should stay 2070. The time should stay as the same time exactly as shown below.

TO REMOVE item availability: uncheck ALL boxes for the days of the week and make sure the "From" date is the current date at 1:00 AM and the “Until” date is the current month/day for 2070 at 1:00 AM, as shown below:

Always be sure to save your changes!

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