How Do Discount's and Coupons Work?

Discounts and coupons work on eHungry much like they do in your store.  You can do a variety of discounts either percentage or dollars off for either specific items or the entire order.   You can makes restrictions on the coupons for either money spent or number of times it can be used per purchase.  Because of the flexibility we offer in creating coupons there are many options that must be looked at for your coupon.

How to Create Coupons?

  1.  Log into your Online Manager.
  2. Click on the Restaurant Manager tab.
  3.  Click on the Coupons and Discounts link.

4. Select a Coupon Type from the drop down. 

5. Create a Brief Descriptive Name for the discount such as "5 dollars off order of 30 dollars or more".

6.A Coupon Code can be used to search for the coupon by the customer.  This can be used with your print menu to make the coupons easy to find.

7. You can enter a date the coupon or discount Expires on, or select No Expiration if you want it to last until you remove it.

8. Enter the Amount of Discount and you can choose either a percentage discount or a dollars off discount from the Choose Discount Type drop down.
Note: For an item free just select percentage off and 100%.

9. If you only want the coupon to apply to a certain type of order, for example only for Pickup, you can deselect the other options.

10. If you would like to apply the coupon to before tax subtotal, select the desired box.

11. From here you can choose some optional Coupon Restrictions. These include: 

  • Restricting the coupon to customers who have spent a certain number of dollars.
  • Customers who have placed a minimum number of prior orders
  • Customers who's current order has a pre-coupon subtotal greater than or equal to a certain amount.
  • Customers who have previously ordered within a certain number of days.
  • You can restrict the days and times the coupon is valid by clicking the box provided.

12. It is the default setting that the coupon is for all items on the menu.  But you can select which item or items the coupon is good for.  

You can also select how specifically the discount is applied.

  • By default the coupon will only apply to the first of each item selected above. They will only receive the discount once even if they purchase multiple of the same valid item.
  • You can apply the discount to every instance of a selected item. (Or as many as the required product (see number 13 below) as has been purchased, whichever is less.) By selecting this option you are allowing the discount to every time they order that item on the purchase. 
  • Only apply to the first of any item selected above. They will only receive the discount once even if they purchase multiple different valid items.
  • You can also make this a "buy-one-get-one-at-a-discount" type of coupon. By selecting this option the customer must purchase one at full price and then a second which will be at the discounted price.

13. Another option is to only apply the coupon to an order if a required item is also being purchased

14. You can also select which kinds of customers are showed the coupon.

  • You can make it public which will show the coupon to anyone who meets your above specifications.
  • You can set it to only allow new customers, who sign up with a referral code, to access or redeem this coupon.
  • You can permit this coupon to be used only once per customer. (Note: You may optionally reset this restriction every time a customer spends a specified amount.) 
  • You can restrict the coupon to only be usable by customers who have never placed an order before.

15. You can set your coupon to automatically apply to eligible orders upon checkout.

16. You can restrict your coupon to customers who purchase with credit card.

17. Congratulations! You did it! Double check that your coupon is how you want it and click the green Save This Information button.

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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