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Access Your Online Ordering Design Template

  1. Click Restaurant Manager on the black bar at the top of the page.

  2. Under Restaurant, Settings click Online Ordering Design.

Create a Custom Welcome Page

The first section allows you to edit and customize your welcome message.

The top toolbar gives you the ability to customize the text & images you want to be featured on your Welcome Page. This is a great place to post relevant restaurant information, a mission statement, and anything else you want your customers to see.

There Are Many Ways You Can Customize Your Welcome Page

Using Macros

The macros provided act as a shorthand that allows the designated information to automatically update should you end up changing it at any point. For example, if you end up moving locations and thus change your contact information within the 'Restaurant Locations' section, this change will update the '{CITY}' and '{STATE}' macros without manual intervention.

Add Images to Your Welcome Page

Add an image to your welcome page to give your customers an appealing visual representation of your restaurant. We suggest you use small or medium-sized images to ensure faster load times on mobile devices.

Customize The Text on Your Welcome Page

When customizing text, less can be more. Too much variation in size, font style, and font color can be distracting or hard to read. However, it can be very effective when posting important notices that you may want your customers to know about.

Header Background Image

The Header Background is the image that shows at the top of your online ordering welcome page.

You can choose one of three options:

a. Use a sample graphic (provided stock photo) from our selections

b. Use an uploaded image for your header background

When uploading your own header image make sure it meets the dimension requirements (1920px width x 362px height.) We have provided a video to demonstrate how this works, below:

c. Use a solid color for your header background. Always be sure to click "Save Background Settings" after you have finalized your selection.

Customize Order Confirmation "Thank You" Image

A "Thank You" image accompanies the order confirmation emailed to the customer.

You can choose one of three options:

a. Use a sample graphic (provided stock photo) from our selections

b. Use an uploaded image for your "Thank You" image

c. Remove "Thank You" image from the confirmation email

Upload Your Own Logo Image

When uploading your own logo image make sure it meets the dimension requirements (600px width x 176px height.) A logo with a transparent background (.png file) can look especially nice here. We have also included a video to view the process.

Editing The Background

Your background can be selected from a group of sample images, an uploaded image of your choice, or a solid color.

Edit Your Theme Colors

Customize the colors for specific parts of your page. You can use specific HTML hex colors or you can click on the color box to the left of the current hex # and select any color you would like.

If you decide to change these options from their default settings please make sure you choose colors that allow links and buttons to be read and seen clearly. If you choose a color that is too bright or light and it sits on a background of a similar shade this can make navigating your ordering site difficult for customers.

Hide or Show Specific Options

In the 'Options' section, you can decide whether certain features are viewable.

  1. Hide Open/Close box in the right column.
    ↳ The column/bubble on the right-hand side shows whether your restaurant is currently open or closed.

  2. Hide "Location & Hours" tab.
    ↳ The tab on the very top menu bar links a page that shows your restaurant's location and scheduled hours.

  3. Hide "Social Sharing" buttons in the footer.
    ↳ The social media sharing buttons can be used by you or your customers to share your restaurant's online ordering page.

  4. Hide Coupons display box/Also show Coupons display box on homepage.
    ↳ Hide or display currently active coupons to your customers.

  5. Hide Contact Form.
    ↳ The link to your 'contact' page will remain but it will toggle on/off the contact form customers can fill out.

  6. Show Menu Category Count.
    ↳ Displays how many menu items are in each category.

Customize Favicon

In this section, you can customize your favicon. This icon will appear in places like the address bar, tab, bookmark, and browser history where your restaurant's ordering page is concerned. If you plan on uploading your own icon be sure to adhere to the dimension instructions.

Custom CSS

Our system allows some custom CSS if you are skilled to make these changes or would like to consult someone that is. You can make several different kinds of changes such as fonts, colors, and other basic settings. You will not be able to alter the design layout of the online ordering template. If you input information that the system doesn't retain after you click "Save custom CSS" then that would mean those changes are not available.

Be sure to save your work after each change you make by clicking the appropriate green save button on the right!

Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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