We integrate with the Square "Orders API" which includes integration with Square CC Processing for online payments and the ability for our system to push Square processed orders directly to your POS.

Note: the API we use does not offer item/inventory tracking or Loyalty rewards tracking.

If you want our system to push the orders to your Square POS, then you do have to set all orders to be paid online with your Square CC processing. This is a requirement of the Square API.

Note: If you want to accept other payments, then you would need another way to receive any of those orders, which we don't recommend unless you just want to offer that to your customers.

You will need to update your settings with both eHungry and Square!

Updating your eHungry Settings

1. In your Restaurant Location Settings & Payment tab, you will need to uncheck Pay at Pickup/Delivery, Pay by House Account and any custom payment types listed under the Add a Custom Payment Type button.

2. You need to activate your eHungry account to Push the orders to your Square POS by going to the Payment Processor link in your Restaurant Manager. Then, see the image below that shows you a specific checkbox to select, so you can enable your account:

3. For the orders that we push to your Square POS, you do have to make sure to set up the POS to receive the orders and you can even set them to auto-print if you have a receipt printer connected to your Square POS.

Please see the section below about updating your Square POS Settings!

Updating you Square Settings

All these settings must be enabled on at least one POS for each location.

Receipt Printout Info

Pickup Orders: will print normally and the Order Due Date & time will be at the top of the receipt.

Delivery Orders: Square will consider these a “Shipment” order, so the “Ship To” address is the Delivery address of the customer. The Order Due Date & time will print at the bottom of the receipt.

Note: We were not allowed any other options for how this printed.

The online orders we push to Square will always be considered "Orders" or "Order Tickets" or "Remote Orders" or "Pickup Orders" by the Square system

You will need to enable specific settings, as described below, on your Square POS:

The button below is the Square article on how to setup the POS to accept these types of Orders and to auto Print them.

For Order Notifications via the POS:

Go to Settings > Orders > Notifications > Allow Notifications (Turn On) > Frequency: Immediately

Navigate to Settings > Tap Printers

Tap the name of the Printer you want the Orders printed to (or setup a printer).

Under Print From this Device:

Enable (Toggle ON) - Order Tickets (You may also want Order Ticket Stubs)

Per Square: Order ticket stubs do not have order ticket info on them, they are used to give a customer a ticket number to match with their order.

Under Order Tickets:

Choose Enter Custom Number or Name OR Auto-Assign Ticket Numbers

Under Include On Ticket:

*Be sure to include “uncategorized” items so the online orders will print

If you need any with your setup, please contact us at support below! We will also answer any Square questions you might have, but if it is a POS specific question, you will most likely need to speak with Square Support.

Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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