Our End of Day Summary or "Daily Summary" provides the following information for a single day, according to the day the order is Due.

The image below is from a demo account, but it shows what will be provided in the Daily Summary:

You can receive the Daily Summary by email or Fax (if you have orders faxed to you). You can add up to 5 emails or 1 Fax number. The Daily Summary will be sent out around 30 minutes after you close each day.

To receive the Daily Summary:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Click Restaurant Manager in the top black bar.

  3. Under Restaurant Settings, click Restaurant Locations.

  4. Click on the blue bar labelled Edit/View Additional Details for this Location for the location you wish to set up order notifications for.

  5. Click the Orders & Notifications tab.

6. Scroll down to the End of Day Summary section. Click the check box next to "I want to receive the End Of Day Summary". This will open to options to add up to 5 email addresses to receive a summary.

If you would like a Fax of the summary, you will also need to have orders sent via fax. Under Order Notifications, select fax and enter your fax number, as shown below:

The EOD Summary box will then allow you to add a Fax number for the Daily Summary, as seen below:

7. Be sure to click Save Summary Options at the bottom when you are done!

Note: You can also resend the end of day summary for any past date. Simply input the date you need and click "Resend" as seen above.

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