Notifying a customer when the status of their order has changed can be helpful if the prep-time is shorter/longer than usual, their delivery driver was not able to reach them, their order had to be canceled, etc.

Don't use the eHungry Manager app?

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to find and use this feature within the eHungry Manager app.

1. From the Open Orders page of your eHungry Manager app, select the order you'd like to send a notification for.

2. In the top right corner you'll see the customer's phone number and an envelope icon. Select the envelope icon ✉️ to open the 'Message Customer' window.

3. Select the type of message you'd like to send and the method of delivery. You can also select 'Show Message' to view a preview of the message. Then push the green 'Send' button to have it sent to the customer.

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