Having phone notifications be held until you open can be very helpful, especially if the phone that receives these notifications is solely located at your restaurant or if it’s your personal phone and you don't need them to be sent outside of business hours.

Below you will find instructions on how to turn this setting on. This will ensure any orders placed while your online ordering is closed will be held and not sent until your online ordering reopens. At that time an automated phone call notification will be sent. If more than one order has been placed during closed hours then these will be batched into one phone notification which will tell you the number of new orders you have received.

First, you will want to log into your eHungry admin dashboard and navigate to the Restaurant Manager link in the upper menu bar.

From that page, you will then click the Restaurant Locations link from the Restaurant Settings menu.

You will see your restaurant’s locations on the next page. Find the preferred location and select the large green button that reads “Edit/View Additional Details for this Location

After this, you will see the General Settings for the selected location. Select the Order Notifications tab from the menu bar highlighted below.

You will be brought to the page with all of your order notification settings for the location. Scroll down until you reach the “I want to be notified with an automated phone call:” section. Just below this, you will see “Hold automated phone calls until restaurant is open:” with a checkbox next to it. Select the checkbox for this setting if you would like to hold all phone call notifications for orders placed while you are closed until you reopen. Do make sure to select “Save main notification details” after you make any changes.

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Notification Blackouts

If you would like phone, SMS/text, or both types of notifications to be completely blocked for certain times on certain days, for specific dates or date ranges, you can do that in the section shown below. This is located towards the bottom of the order notification page mentioned above. However please note that notifications that would normally be sent during a time frame you may create in this section will NOT be held and then sent once the blackout window is over. Notifications that fall into any blackout windows you create will simply be blocked and will never be sent unlike the previous setting mentioned above which will hold the notifications and then be sent once your online ordering reopens.

Hold Phone Notifications when closed = Notifications are held and then sent once open

Notification Blackouts = Notifications are completely blocked and will never be sent

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