Our dedicated order monitoring app is a tablet-optimized way to view incoming orders. This interface is great for the kitchen as it allows you to mark orders as Complete and easily track what still needs to be fulfilled.

To enable the Manager App and set up a login for access please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Restaurant Manager page by selecting the link on the top menu bar of your admin dashboard.

2. Select Restaurant Locations from the Restaurant Settings menu.

3. Click the ‘change this’ link in the ‘Currently Receives Orders by:’ section for your restaurant location details. This will take you to the Order Notifications settings page.

4. Scroll down until you find the ‘I want to use a phone/tablet app (or web page) (great for the kitchen):’ setting and check the box to enable it. Make sure to click the ‘Save main notification details’ button!

5. You’ll then want to click the ‘setup an account user’ link in the setting’s description or navigate back to the main dashboard page and select ‘Manage Account Users’ from the bottom of the page.

6. Select the green ‘Add a New Employee Account’ button.

7. Fill out the necessary information. Make sure to check the ‘Access the tablet Orders App’ box in the Permissions section. Once completed you can then hit the blue ‘Save This Information' button.

8. If you already have an additional user account and want to give it access to the Manager App you can select the Edit button for the account. The Edit button appears as a pencil & notepad icon to the right. From there you can enable the permission for access to the Manager App by enabling the ‘Access the tablet Orders App’ checkbox as shown above.

9. To log into the Manager App you’ll need to provide the account’s Restaurant Account ID, Username, and Password. The Restaurant Account ID is the main admin account login username used to access the Dashboard. It’s typically the restaurant name with no spaces. You can also find it featured in the Manager App setting highlighted below.

If you need assistance with setting up login credentials for the Manager App just let us know!

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