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The order sheet is both what you and the customer receive after the customer has completed their order.  The format you choose will be the same if you choose to receive orders by email, fax, or the ethernet-enabled thermal printer.  You can also create a store specific message  that the customer receives with their order.

Configuring Order Sheet Format and Layout?

  1. Click Configure Order Sheet Format and Layout link.
  2. The custom order sheet message is seen by the customer with each order sheet sent.  This can be something like thanking them for their order, special instructions,  advising customers about in store specials, or promoting a store special event
  3. By selecting the box to print a customer receipt at the bottom of the order, you have a receipt for the customer when either the customer is picking up the order or delivering the order to the customer.
  4. eHungry gives you four different options for the order sheet.  The first is the default.  The second and third are very similar to the first only they involve the credit card number either being visible or obscured.  Depending on how you process credit card orders this is an important distinction.  The 4th option has a different high contrast black and white layout but does not give or obscure the credit card number.

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