If you are getting fake/fraudulent orders placed by a customer, you can have them flagged by our system. We have a couple of different ways to combat this problem.

Flagging a Customer

Login to your eHungry account, and click on the Restaurant Manager tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Under the More Settings category, click on Flagged Customers

Type in the email address, phone number, or delivery address you would like to flag in the boxes provided.

For the Block or Discard future orders for this customer? setting, there are 3 ways to handle the order - "Flag Only," "Block Orders," or "Discard Orders."

Option 1

Flag Only

This allows the customer to fully place the order and the order will go to the restaurant. The Order Sheet will show a huge message at the top that says that the customer email, phone number, or delivery address is flagged, and the restaurant may want to call the customer to confirm the order before they make the food or process the order. *Note: This is considered a completed order and you will be charged your regular commission fee, depending on your pricing plan.

Option 2

Block Orders

This order will NOT be sent to the restaurant and instead the customer will get a page with a “technical difficulties” error message. *Note: The customer will be fully blocked from placing an order, therefore you will not be charged a commission fee.

Option 3

Discard Orders

This option will be used less often and only for special cases. The system “pretends” to accept the order, but the customer does not receive a confirmation page or confirmation email of the order. If paying with a credit card, the card will not be charged. The system simply completely discards the order and leaves no record of the order in our logs. It basically becomes a "ghost order" with no information or proof of existence. *Note: Since the order is discarded with no proof of placement, there will be no commission fee.

Customer Order Validation

If you are getting fake/fraudulent orders, you can require customers to validate their callback number before they can place their order. This requires the customer to receive a call or text message and enter in a confirmation code at checkout. Please remember that this would apply to ALL orders – no customers would be excluded. The steps to enable this setting are outlined below: 

1. Login to your eHungry account.

2. Click on the Restaurant Manager tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

3. Under the More Settings category, click on Customer Validation.

4. To enable the setting, check the box next to “Enable customer order validation,” and click Save!

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