After you've signed up with a new eHungry account, the first step to setting up your online ordering site is to create a location.

In your Online Ordering Dashboard, you can create a new location by selecting "Restaurant Manager" from the main menu, and then select "CLICK HERE".

Or just jump to the location creation page here:


Multiple locations

If your restaurant has multiple locations, you will need to create your first location with the information above, then create a New location with the information below.

In your Online Ordering Dashboard, select "Restaurant Manager" from the main menu, and then select "Restaurant Locations" under the "RESTAURANT SETTINGS" heading.

Then click the "Create a New Restaurant Location" button.

Customers will have the option to order from the different locations as seen in the images below.


Location Fields

Let's walk through the details you'll need to provide for each location.

Display Name

Select a name that will appear on the "Locations & Hours" page of your online ordering site.  If you have a single location, this can simply be your restaurant's name.

This is how the location display name will appear to your customers:

If you have multiple locations, each location's Display Name could include the street, city, or region.  For example:  "Classic Pizza - Manhattan" and "Classic Pizza - Brooklyn".


This is what will appear at the end of your online ordering site's website address if you have multiple locations.  For example:

If you have just the one location, you can simply add your restaurant's name here.  The URL tag won't appear unless you create additional locations.

If your location has multiple words, use dashes, like this:


Email Address

Your restaurant's email address.

Address and Phone Number

The address and phone numbers for your restaurant's location.

That's it!  Next you'll need to add a menu (or your customers will have a tough time ordering anything!)

Continue to the next step:  Add a menu time


Need help?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

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